Blackberry, Nectarine and Ginger Galette

Blackberry, Nectarine and Ginger Galette

While in Vermont a couple of weeks ago, we stayed at an inn that had blackberry bushes growing out back.  The innkeepers told us that the bushes had produced more berries this summer than ever before, and kindly offered to let us pick to our hearts’ content.    We came home with a tupperware full of berries, and the good problem of figuring out what to do with them.  In my mind, it had to be something that would be worthy of our vacation as well as all the delicious berries.  We narrowed our options to a crumble or crisp, muffins, or a pie.  We settled on the general idea of a pie (although somewhere in the process muffins also got baked), but the summer seemed too free and unconstrained for a pie, and so a galette it would be,  as a galette contains all of the wonderful elements of a pie, without the fussy fluted trim and perfectly even crust.  It comes together quickly and showcases the seasonal fruit filling surrounded by a crispy, buttery crust.







Blackberry, Nectarine

Blackberry, Nectarine and Ginger Galette

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This week in my kitchen: cabbage, lentils, and more

Looking back over my week of cooking, it seems there was a theme to the week: the cabbage family and French lentils.   I cooked a big pot of lentils early in the week and used them all week long to make different lunches and dinners.  My arm was twisted by the weather, with the heat keeping me away from the stove for most of the week.

Kale, Napa and green cabbage are plentiful and in season at the moment, with zucchini and cucumbers just starting, and peppers and tomatoes still a few weeks away. So really, I had little choice in the matter.

peach dutch baby

1) For 4th of July breakfast we had a Dutch baby with peaches.  I used the recipe previously published on here.  The only modification being that the peaches were partially cooked during the cast iron pre-heating step.  Butter and fresh peach slices were added to the cold skillet and then heated.  Just prior to the addition of the batter, peach slices were flipped once.


2) One batch of Kimchi has made its way into my refrigerator and a batch of sauerkraut is busily fermenting on the counter.  Thanks to Sandor Kraut and his book Wild Fermentation, which got me into making ferments last year.

lentil chard rice

3) Rice with lentils, sautéed chard, and a big pad of butter made for a great dinner one evening.

banana zucchini bread

4) We are celebrating a birthday this week and birthday boy requested banana bread for his birthday breakfast.  Well, he got a banana bread with lots of zucchini thrown in as well.

cucumber lentil fennel corn salad

5) This was the first time I made this salad, which included cucumbers, fennel, corn and lentils.  It is worth repeating.  I followed the recipe as published, leaving out the mustard, dill and celery.